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Newsletter - Issue 10 (24 May 2021)


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The Lurid Orientalism of Western Media

By trafficking in images of death, suffering, and private acts of mourning, Western media coverage of the COVID-19 crisis in India has broken one of the first rules of journalism. And while a Western double standard is nothing new, applying it repeatedly does not make it more acceptable.

A journalist’s duty is to inform, not to exploit human suffering with intrusive, voyeuristic, ratings-driven coverage of tragedies in faraway lands. Good journalism rises above clichéd coverage and reliance on shock value. With the coronavirus rapidly mutating and spawning dangerous new strains, we urgently need more responsible, sensitive reporting of these issues.


India-China trade grew in pandemic year despite rising barriers

India imported goods worth $65.21 billion from China in 2020-21, according to provisional estimates published by the ministry of commerce and industry. Imports in the previous year were worth $65.26 billion. Exports from India to China climbed 27.5 percent from a year ago to $21.19 billion.


No country can manage the astronomical numbers that India has: Dr Shetty hails govt’s Covid handling

"In terms of oxygen, I can tell you - I have gone through the details. Our government has done a phenomenal job. They have moved Heaven and Earth to get the oxygen to the hospitals," said the renowned Cardiac surgeon.


China authorizes 530,000 invention patents in 2020

In 2020, China authorized 530,000 invention patents, which was 15.8 patents for every 10,000 people, said Shen Changyu, director of the China National Intellectual Property Administration recently, adding the country exceeded the target for the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), the Changjiang Times reported on Monday.  


Virus Is Your Enemy, Not PM Modi

We should know that the PM, who worked in a focused way to give India its vaccine, would also ensure that everyone is vaccinated. His timeline is better than yours because he has planned much in advance. Just listen to him and follow him and remember that the virus is the enemy.


Cambridge University’s Sir Shankar Balasubramanian in winning DNA sequencing team

Cambridge University chemists Shankar Balasubramanian and David Klenerman have been declared the winners of the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize for their development of revolutionary sequencing techniques which means DNA can now be read in super-fast times. 

The China–India E-Commerce Comparison

We in India have a long way to go. There is no denying that we have what it takes to get there. We are in the race for global leadership but for that India must benchmark right, innovate for scale and think of the future.


China vaccinating almost 14 million people a day, fastest in world

China is vaccinating almost 14 million people a day, the fastest pace in the world, as the country races to protect its Covid-19 advantage in the face of major Western nations reopening their economies.


For India it’s all about the demand in supply chains

India’s resilient economy offers huge benefits coupled with the largest untapped potential for nations who have opted for the China plus alternative in global supply chains.

China on Mars: Tianwen-1 Lands Successfully on Red Planet

An uncrewed Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Saturday, state news agency Xinhua reported, making China the second space-faring nation after the United States to land on the Red Planet.


India Inc's foreign investment jumps over two-folds to $2.51 billion in April 2021

India Inc's foreign investment in the first month of this current fiscal jumped by more than two-times year-on-year to USD 2.51 billion, data from the Reserve Bank showed on Monday. Indian investors had committed USD 1.21 billion worth of outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) in April 2020.


With Eye on China, India and Europe to Restart Stalled Trade Talks

A study by the European Parliament last year before Britain's departure from the bloc had estimated the potential benefits of a trade deal with India for the EU at around 10 billion dollars. India is also due to start trade negotiations with Britain later this year.


China supports India's patent waiver for Covid vaccine proposal

China on Monday voiced it's support for waiving intellectual property protections for novel coronavirus vaccines to help developing nations suffering from the ongoing pandemic.


Missing children alert system set up in China has a 98 per cent success rate

The system partners with popular apps such as social media platforms to send alerts about missing children to hundreds of millions of users. Police have also used the system to crack down on child trafficking in China


Public Opinion in Bharatavarsha in a Pre-News Era: A Delightful History of 5000 Years

Public opinion was always a great force in politics throughout the history of India dating back to the Vedic period. We present a brief history of how public opinion was gathered, and the impact it had on kings and empires. This is a largely overlooked chapter of Indian history.



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