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Newsletter 2021 - Issue 5


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No nation more important than India: US tech think tank

As tensions between India and China are reduced, and the many business synergies between these two neighbouring nations come to the fore. The combination of China's manufacturing might and India's software and service prowess provides across-the-board value-chain capabilities. The United States remains heavily reliant on both nations, whose market sizes dwarf that of America, giving Chinese and Indian companies colossal economies of scale and leading to large bilateral trade deficits for the United States with both nations.


Should Stronger Russia-China Ties Worry India? A Top Diplomat Answerswho 'makes in India,' sources say

The strengthening of Russia-China ties is not directed at India, just as the strengthening of India-US ties is not directed at Russia.  We would expect this because Russia-China ties are not devoid of elements of conflict and rivalry.


Blockchain powers China-Europe rail trade

Blockchain is being used to boost trade through the China-Europe train routes, which have contributed significantly to lowering logistics costs and served as a lifeline stabilizing global trade amid the pandemic. The China-Europe freight train service has connected over 60 domestic cities with major European countries.


Is There A Vaccine Against Deliberate Misinformation?

A friend of mine brought my attention to this piece in The Guardian. It was aggressive. Nay, even vicious. It somehow manages to blame India for the vaccines not reaching poorer nations. I was nonplussed. 


The West created monopolies, we democratised data: Nandan Nilekani, co-founder, Infosys

In areas like social media, search and e-commerce we don’t really have a great story. But in public digital infrastructure, we do have something which is world beating.


India is major player on global stage: U.S. envoy John Kerry

“Decisive action from India now, in partnership with the rest of the world will determine what this transformation will mean for all generations to come,” John Kerry said


Across China: Cities deploy mobile vaccination vehicles to speed up inoculation pace

Getting vaccinated in vehicles can reduce the public's concerns over cross-infection and help promote COVID-19 vaccination with high efficiency. The mobile vaccine clinics can reach people such as the elderly, the handicapped and those who do not have access to transportation.


China could be one step closer to scrapping its controversial childbirth limits

The People’s Bank of China released a working paper late Wednesday that discussed how the country’s aging population problems are worse than that of other nations. Authors of the report suggested China allow three or more children per household.


Chinese researchers say they’ve developed an AI text censor that is 91 per cent accurate

They claim it could be useful to ‘identify and filter sensitive information from online news media. China’s internet is tightly controlled and the government relies on a huge army of censors to vet content.


What the West Gets Wrong About China 

Harvard Business Review says, that many people have wrongly assumed that political freedom would follow new economic freedoms in China and that its economic growth would have to be built on the same foundations as in the West.


India can be key player in global supply chain but has to rethink what its place will be:Indra Nooyi

Having a vibrant ecosystem, having appropriate regulatory and oversight bodies becomes equally important. At the end of the day, India should be viewed as a reliable high quality, low cost outstanding supplier for itself and for the world.


The plight of China’s “left-behind” children

There are about 31m people in China like Lin—children who have been left behind in their home towns or villages, usually in the care of relatives, while both of their parents work elsewhere.


India will come out of Covid-19 crisis with flying colours: Deloitte CEO

First that look at stable governance. India certainly has that. They look at democratic traditions in the rule of law. India has that. They look at a large consumer base. 1.3 billion people aspiring to come out and be in the middle class or above, India has that in droves. Then it looks at the core comparative advantage. India's comparative advantage of highly talented individuals is second to none.


Indian Artifacts at the Ashmolean Museum – Oxford

The uncomfortable truth attached to many of the exhibits here is that much of the collection was inevitably selected and obtained as a result of colonial power.


Post independence Hindu renaissance in Indonesia

Present day Hindus in Indonesia are proud, assertive and even protective of their faith. Visiting Bali feels like a pilgrimage of sorts for Hindus who seek so. 



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