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Newsletter 2021 - Issue 7


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As international media turns into vultures, MEA tells diplomats to not get overpowered by negative reports: Here is why he is right

While at the beginning of the pandemic, India stepped up and helped the world by exporting essential medicines like Hydroxychloroquine and vaccines under Vaccine Maitri, the world media has turned vulture as India battles its deadly second wave of the pandemic. 

Amidst a surging Coronavirus wave, India has become the centre of attention for media all around the world. This has led to wider coverage of India in the worldwide press, focusing on the imagery of the customary Hindu funeral pyre as a way to “shock” their non-Indian audience and spreading panic and fear.


‘We’re all in this together’: Dr Fauci says world has failed India as Covid cases surge

The only way that you’re going to adequately respond to a global pandemic is by having a global response, and a global response means equity throughout the worldAnd that’s something that, unfortunately, has not been accomplished.


No wires or towers: Satellite broadband promises to be the next big thing in India

It is super-fast and does not need wires or towers to connect to the world wide web. Satellite broadband promises to be the next big thing and a slew of big names are ready to roll it out as early as next year.


As China’s e-commerce sector develops, waste is piling up

Just a decade ago, only 1% of global e-commerce transactions derived from China, but that has changed. The country is now responsible for over 40% of the world’s e-commerce deals, according to the World Economic Forum. The Chinese e-commerce and express delivery sector is estimated to have used some 9.4 million tons of packaging materials in 2018 and is expected to reach 41.3 million tons by 2025.  


India added at least one billionaire a week in 2020: Hurun Report

Indian wealth creation is dominated by traditional industries compared to tech-driven wealth creation in the USA and China. When tech-driven wealth creation reaches full potential, India could potentially beat the USA in terms of the number of billionaires


Global investors bet big on Indian startups, investing billions into country

With Indian startups lining up for public listing beginning this year, investors’ confidence in the country’s startup ecosystem has grown exponentially. Industry experts also feel that the capital from rising exits will add to investors’ dry powder—the money in their cash reserves to back startups.


China launches space station core module Tianhe

China has successfully launched the core module of its space station, kicking off a series of key launch missions that aim to complete the construction of the station by the end of next year.


Money for Climate : Engine For India’s Growth Post-Covid

India’s new green job creation can be a game-changer for the economy, especially for the rural community with the majority of the jobs being available for unskilled and semi-skilled workers. People who are considered ineligible for several permanent and well-paid jobs can get maintenance and operations, installation, and sales jobs in this sector.


China’s New Innovation Advantage

Long considered a global copycat, China is now home to many of the fastest start-ups to reach a $1 billion valuation globally.

Those hyper-adaptive and hyper-adoptive consumers are what make China so globally competitive today. But competition with the Chinese should not be considered a zero-sum game. Foreign companies would do well to seek to learn from China’s newly powerful example.

Indian-American NGO raises $ 4.7 million for Covid relief; to ship 2,184 oxygen concentrators 

By efforts of Sewa International USA, in less than 100 hours of launching the fund-raising campaign, more than 66,700 Indian-Americans came out to raise over USD 4.7 million for Covid-19 relief efforts in India. 


Beijing will do utmost to help India fight second wave: China's foreign minister

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, has sent a letter of solidarity with India to his counterpart S. Jaishankar which states that Beijing will do its utmost to provide help according to the needs of India to deter a devastating second covid-19 pandemic wave.


The types of NRI incomes that are taxable in India

Tax on an individual's income depends on its source and the residential status in India. The residential status of an Indian citizen needs to be determined individually for every financial year which may vary from year to year.


Enjoy your coffee. And eat it too!

Have you ever heard of an "edible coffee cup"? What's the strategy for multinational cooperation to achieve sustainability in every point of production? How can investors find ways amid China's transformation to the green economy?

Watch the video and find out!


How people's writing power may have influenced the U.S.-India Friendship during times of crisis?

The power of writing makes an Impact! Often we don't value the power of our own pen and how ordinary people like you and me can affect change in national policy matters.


Qualities of a good speaker – Lessons from Sri Rama’s meeting with Hanuman

Ramayan is not just an epic with historical records. It carries timeless wisdom that applies to the social, personal, and professional realms of life. Sri Rama’s first meeting with Lord Hanuman is a classic case of interpreting a person’s qualities with his speech and body language.



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