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Newsletter 2021 - Issue 9


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‘India does not need lectures about vaccine supplies’, ‘European Union is leading the way in vaccine

“India does not need to listen to lectures from anyone about vaccine supplies. India has exported a lot for humanity to many countries. We know what situation India is in,” the French President said. In response to the COVID-19 vaccine shortage and criticism aimed at the Indian government, Macron asserted that India does not need to be ‘lectured from anyone’ on vaccine supplies.


India envoy asks China to help stop price surging of Covid-19 supplies

India is calling on China to help stop surging prices and increase cargo flights to get urgently needed supplies to the country.


Why China's leadership model enables quick solutions

Intrinsic speed of state responsiveness. 
What accounts for such a speed? Despite the misunderstandings some Westerners harbor about China, the answer to this question is undeniable: the government's leadership is an absolute source of it.


India, European Union to resume FTA negotiations after 8 years

India and European Union (EU) agreed to enhance the bilateral trade and investment relationship through the resumption of negotiations for a balanced, ambitious, comprehensive and mutually beneficial trade agreement, eight years after its suspension, the external affairs ministry said.  


Big pharma seizing new opportunities in China therapeutics market

As China becomes the most important market for multinational pharmaceutical companies and the government’s Healthy China 2030 policy shifts into high gear, the corporate rush is on to file more applications for use of new treatments.


Indian-origin immunologist Sankar Ghosh elected to National Academy of Sciences

An eminent and award-winning Indian-origin immunologist has been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences in recognition of his "distinguished and continuing achievements in original research". Sankar Ghosh is the Silverstein and Hutt Family Professor of Microbiology and chair of the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. 

Box troubles still hitting forwarders in China and India as prices keep rising

As container prices in China and India continue to surge, local forwarders are “busier than ever” trying to secure space. Leasing platform Container xChange said there were “few signs” of shortages being resolved, highlighting steep increases in the prices of new and used equipment since last year.


China dominates 6G development with 35% of global patents

A report by the Chinese Patent Office reveals that China owns 35% of 6G patents across the world. The country currently holds 13,449 of the over 38,000 6G patents globally. It is followed by the United States which has 18% of the total.


The China factor in India’s economic diplomacy

Given the economic and strategic challenges with China, India has begun to articulate its position on the bilateral economic relations more sharply. It has voiced many of the anxieties over the issues related to dependencies, a skewed trade relationship and the entry of Chinese firms into strategic sectors.

China is experiencing a rural tourism boom amid the Covid-19 pandemic

China is in the middle of a boom in rural tourism as city dwellers escape the country's rapidly expanding urban centers to head out to small communities, farms and orchards for a taste of the simple life. And the Chinese government couldn't be more pleased. China has one of the largest domestic tourism markets in the world. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism estimated there will be more than four billion trips made across China in 2021, a market worth just over$500 billion.


All you need to know about e-yuan

The digital yuan has been designed to replace or reduce the cash in circulation, such as coins and banknotes. However, not the money that has been deposited long-term in bank accounts. The Chinese market is already very advanced in cashless payments using digital transfers to fulfill their day-to-day activities. The e-yuan would be a way to speed up that process.


China, India could finalize privacy legislation by year's end

Countries around the world are coming around on the need to address privacy, including China and India, which carry a combined population of more than 3 billion people. There has been much hype about proposals for China's Personal Information Protection Law and India's Personal Data Protection Bill, but both draft laws have been stuck in neutral in the irrespective legislative processes for months.


The bouncing ball that changed the world

In April 1971, a group of ping pong players from the United States paid an eight-day visit to China, the first American delegation to set foot in the People’s Republic of China. It was an opening gambit in the restoration of Sino-US relations after a frozen 22 years.


The seven mothers of Hinduism

Shakti, the creative and energetic force of the Divine, is described in Hindu scriptures as being a motherly Goddess, whose loving, compassionate, nurturing, and sometimes fiercely protective qualities are integral to both the material and spiritual growth of every being. 


What India Taught The World About Chess‎

From the very origin of our beautiful game to the current global online chess phenomenon, India has contributed significantly to the world of chess. Historical records show that the 8x8 chessboard dates from the days of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Board games are also described in early Buddhist literature as well as Chinese works.



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