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Newsletter 2021 - Issue 8


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Life of valour and sacrifice: On 400th birth anniversary we retrace Guru Tegh Bahadur’s dharmic path

In Indian history, Guru Shri Tegh Bahadur’s personality shines resplendent like a bright constellation. His life stands out as one of the greatest experiments in character-building. He is a symbol of tenacity, sacrifice and his life is a wonderful example of physical and mental valour.

Whilst the behaviour of ordinary men changes in the midst of joy and sorrow, men of great attainment rise above these considerations. Guruji proclaimed that one should be beyond “praise and slander, look upon gold and iron alike” and not be “touched by pleasure or pain, greed, emotional attachment and egotistic pride”.  


India to become Russian Sputnik V vaccine’s production hub, to start making 50 mn doses per month

India’s medicine regulator Drugs Controller Generalof India has cleared Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for emergency use in thecountry. Sputnik V, made by Moscow’s Gamaleya National Research Institute ofEpidemiology and Microbiology, has become the third vaccine after Seruminstitute of India’s Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin to get approvalfrom DCGI.


Xi Jinping sends message to Modi, offers China’s support and assistance

“Humanity is a community with a shared future. Only through solidarity and cooperation can countries around the world ultimately defeat the pandemic,” he added. “The Chinese side stands ready to strengthen cooperation with the Indian side in fighting the pandemic and provide support and help in this regard. I believe that under the leadership of the Indian Government, the Indian people will surely prevail over the pandemic.”


India emerges as China's tech challenger with record unicorn run

India is rapidly closing the gap with China in minting new unicorns -- privately held startups valued at $1 billion or more --highlighting growing investor appetite for tech startups in the country as the pandemic accelerates adoption of digital services.  


In the India-China relationship, the question of trade deficit

Given that a large chunk of the imports from China goes into the production process, an ideal strategy would take advantage of this deficit, accelerate domestic manufacturing via assembling and find newer destinations to market output 


Second wave of COVID19 has hit India ‘like a tsunami’ says Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

"If India is not safe, I can tell you the world is not safe". 

“This time around the second wave has hit like a tsunami. And the unfortunate part is it has not spared any part of our country,” Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has said 


Number of medical e-commerce users tripled in China in five years, reached 661 million in 2020

The market size of online medical care in the world's most populous country stood at 54.47 billion yuan ($8.41 billion). Analysts point out that it's people's increasing demands for medical e-commerce and online medical care platforms that bring the fast application of internet in the medical care field.


Oxygen supply jumps 300% to 9,200 tpd, shortage to end soon

India was producing 7,200 tonnes of oxygen a day and only 15% was required as medical oxygen in the pre-COVID days. Now, industrial consumption has come to zero as the entire capacity has been converted to produce medical oxygen. Even during the peak of the first COVID-19wave in India, maximum demand was not more than 3,000 tonnes a day.


Is the ethnic food aisle racist?

Ethnic food, or international, aisles can be found in any major grocery-store chain in America. To many, these aisles create the sense of othering and that white American cuisine is the default option. David Chang challenged the aisle's existence in his podcast last year on how grocery stores are organized and why ethnic food aisles exist in the firstplace.

China adds teeth to crusade against food waste with new law 

China enacted a wide-ranging law Thursday designed to reduce food waste in the country, including by imposing fines of up to 100,000 yuan ($15,500) on broadcasters and streaming services involved in content that promotes binge eating. 


Xinjiang-Alternative Cotton Sourcing: A Brief Look at India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China

Xinjiang dominates global supply chains for cotton and apparel sourcing, which poses an immediate challenge for companies that cannot afford to shift cost-competitive sourcing contracts or do not find adequate alternatives..


China’s Hainan – much more than the “next Hong Kong”

There is perhaps no better example of China’srelentless economic push than Hainan, the once-sleepy tropical island that isnow poised to become a can’t-miss-opportunity for global businesses wanting todo business with China.


China-India bilateral trade shows strong resilience: MOFCOM - Global Times

In 2020, the trade volume between China and India reached $87.6 billion, which demonstrates the strong resilience of the trade cooperation between the two countries, Gao Feng, the spokesperson for the MOFCOM, said on Thursday at a press conference. He added that the two major emerging economies are highly complementary and have a great potential for more cooperation.


Woman Carries On Family’s 160-YO Legacy Of Making Perfumes, From India to France

“Indian perfumery is an ancient art, and very beautiful. Our fragrances and styles are very unique and authentic. It was just a lack of awareness and a general perception in India that things that come in from outside are of better quality.”


So, you are an NRI who cannot travel to India: What can you do to help loved ones deal with COVID?

Respect India and Indians for their resilience. India needs you as a friend that respects and supports, not a friend that judges in times of need. No country on the planet has the medical infrastructure to deal with such a crisis right now so wherever you are, note this: if the country you are residing in no matter how developed if it is hit with a variant and with the volumes India is dealing with, it’s a guaranteed collapse.



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