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Newsletter 2021 - Issue 6


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Jaishankar signals confident new foreign policy paradigm

India has defended its Indo-Pacific policy and implicitly denied it is an imported concept, pointing to diplomatic, cultural and trade links going back one and a quarter millennia. And in a sign of growing assertiveness, it has also, rather uncharacteristically, categorically said no country can have a veto over its foreign policy.


How Can Foreigners Enter China Under the COVID-19 Travel Restrictions?

This article tries to provide a thorough analysis of the travel restriction policies enacted in the past one year and offers a detailed entry guidance to the different categories of foreigners based on their visa type, inoculation status, nationality, and so on.


100 million jobs in India can come from small businesses, says Nilekani

"Nandan (Nilekani), and everybody who has helped make this possible have a lot about which they can be very proud,” said Grandinetti, a 23-year-old Amazon veteran. “This is not just doing good for India, but setting an example that a lot of the world is seeking to follow".


Digital payments on the climb in India

India saw more than 70.3 billion real-time payments transactions processed globally in 2020, a surge of 41 per cent compared to the previous year. 


India’s top philanthropists: All you need to know

Indian philanthropy stats recorded fresh highs this yearwith 100 per cent rise in the number of individuals who have donated morethan Rs 10 crore over the last two years. 


China’s E-Commerce Market Forecast to Hit $3 Trillion by 2024

This year alone, e-commerce sales in China are expected to register growth of 17.2 percent and according to an eMarketer report released earlier this year, will surpass offline sales for the first time. In 2021, it predicted, 52 percent of China’s sales will take place online, up from almost 45 percent in 2020.


The West does not have any moral high ground over China, their conduct during Covid crisis is proof

The United States of America has projected its geopolitical rivalry with China as a great conflict between good and evil, between liberty and tyranny. The USA and other western countries claim to care a great deal about human rights but quite clearly, they do not care enough about the human right to life.


Top 10 investment choices for Chinese HNWIs

Hurun Research Institute unveiled the top 10 fields the Chinese high net-worth individuals deemed to increase their investments in 2021 in the Hurun China Luxury Consumer Survey 2021.


India has opportunity to lead the world on climate change: Deloitte CEO

Climate is not only the right thing, the must do thing, it is the right business. India certainly has the opportunity to lead on climate. It is in India's interest. And in the interest of all of humanity we need to address this crisis that is on our doorstep.


Women entrepreneurs in India likely to see business growth up to 90% in the next 5 years: Report 

Women in India are leading a cultural revolution building their businesses, paving the way for future aspiring women entrepreneurs. Their role is pivotal in enhancing the economic growth of the country, employment generation, and industrialization.


China to bring solar and wind power generation to 11% of total electricity use in 2021

China has flagged it will seek to raise its power generation from solar and wind plants to around 11 per cent of the country's total power consumption in 2021, from 9.7 per cent in 2020.


Global minimum corporate tax rate may benefit the US, but not India

We, as a nation, thereby, should restrict the implementation of the policy. To witness stronger global ties in the times to come, it is imperative that the US should reconsider its proposal at the earliest.


Tracing China’s climate change journey from denial to decarbonisation

The fundamental problem is that China’s development model has the world’s largest concentration of carbon-intensive industries and sectors, and has high energy intensity features.


What Asian and European travellers wrote about Lord Ram for nearly 1,800 years

On the occasion of Ram Navami, here’s a look at the writings by foreign travellers on the Hindu god and his influence over the last two millennia.


How yoga became a tool to beat cancer for Saudi Arabia’s Nouf Marwaai

“If the Individual is free from physical ailment and laziness and mental disturbances they will create a healthy and free society,” Nouf told Al Arabiya English. 



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